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activate() — method, class com.transmote.flar.FLARManager
Begin detecting markers once per frame.
activate() — method, class com.transmote.flar.source.FLARProxy
Activate marker simulation.
activeMarkers — Property, class com.transmote.flar.FLARManager
Vector of all currently-active markers.
activityThreshold — Property, class com.transmote.flar.source.FLARCameraSource
When camera.activityLevel is less than this value, the source will not be sent to FLARToolkit.
activityThreshold — Property, class com.transmote.flar.utils.FLARManagerConfigLoader
adaptiveSmoothingCenter — Property, class com.transmote.flar.FLARManager
Adaptive smoothing reduces jitter in marker transformation matrices for markers with little motion, while maintaining responsiveness for markers with fast motion.
addButton(targetID:uint, x0:Number, y0:Number, x1:Number, y1:Number, minCoverage:Number, minBlockedFrames:uint, historyLength:uint) — method, class at.imagination.flare.FlareNFT
Adds a virtual button to a target.
addMarkerDetector(markerType:uint, param1:Number, param2:Number) — method, class at.imagination.flare.FlareTracker
Adds a marker detector to the tracker.
addMarkerDetector(markerType:int, param1:Number, param2:Number) — method, class com.transmote.flar.tracker.FlareManager
add a marker detector to flareracker.
addMarkerDetector(markerType:int, param1:Number, param2:Number) — method, class com.transmote.flar.tracker.FlareNFTManager
flareFT does not support multiple marker types.
ageAfterRemoval() — method, class com.transmote.flar.marker.FLARMarker
AlternativaGeomUtils — class, package com.transmote.flar.utils.geom
AlternativaGeomUtils() — Constructor, class com.transmote.flar.utils.geom.AlternativaGeomUtils
applySmoothing(smoother:com.transmote.flar.utils.smoother:IFLARMatrixSmoother, numFrames:int, adaptiveSmoothingCenter:Number) — method, class com.transmote.flar.marker.FLARMarker
apply smoothing algorithm over a number of frames.
applyTransform(transformMatrix:flash.geom:Matrix3D) — method, class com.transmote.flar.camera.FLARCamera_Flash3D
AR_AREA_MAX — Constant Static Property, class org.libspark.flartoolkit.core.labeling.fllabeling.FLARLabeling
AR_AREA_MIN — Constant Static Property, class org.libspark.flartoolkit.core.labeling.fllabeling.FLARLabeling
area — Property, class jp.nyatla.nyartoolkit.as3.core.labeling.NyARLabelInfo
ArrayUtil — class, package org.libspark.flartoolkit.utils
ArrayUtils — class, package jp.nyatla.nyartoolkit.as3.utils.as3
AR_SQUARE_MAX — Constant Static Property, class jp.nyatla.nyartoolkit.as3.detector.NyARDetectMarker
AR_SQUARE_MAX — Constant Static Property, class org.libspark.flartoolkit.detector.FLARMultiMarkerDetector
assert(e:Boolean, mess:String) — Static Method , class jp.nyatla.as3utils.NyAS3Utils
at.imagination.flare — package
AwayGeomUtils — class, package com.transmote.flar.utils.geom
AwayGeomUtils() — Constructor, class com.transmote.flar.utils.geom.AwayGeomUtils
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