visualizing the bay area

illustrating Bay Area systems
exhibit designer/developer, technical lead – apr 2013
Many complex systems comprise San Francisco Bay Area, from weather and seismology to demographics and transit. These systems often lie invisible due to their physical and temporal scales.

Visitors can explore these systems via a series of interactive visualizations on display in the Exploratorium's Bay Observatory gallery. Visualizing the Bay Area serves as a platform for this content, with a topographical map carved into solid maple as a physical foundation for a digital framework supporting multiple layers of content.
  • Fog Browser

    Visitors explore Fog Browser during evening open hours.

  • Seismology and fault lines

    Seismology and fault lines of the Bay Area, by James Hovell.

  • SF fog patterns

    Fog patterns over San Francisco Bay, by Eric Socolofsky.

  • Demographics

    Demographics studies, by Eric Fischer.

  • Salinity in the Bay

    Salinity in the Bay, modeled by Rusty Holleman.

  • Multiple datasets, including wind, water vapor density, and sunrise/set, combine to create an animation of fog patterns rolling through the Bay Area.

  • Projected onto a topographical model, the flat image of the fog takes on depth.

  • Carved maple model

    Carved from a solid block of maple, the model is designed to support multiple visualizations.

  • Early fabrication tests

    Early fabrication tests.