generative art as two-player game
artist/coder – aug 2004
Vectogram is a two-player generative drawing tool sporting a sleek arcade cocktail cabinet. Players can choose to cooperate or compete for control of the electronic canvas.

Select from five different Vectoids, each with its own drawing style and vulnerability to other Vectoids. Deploy Vectoids thoughtfully in order to paint a picture pleasing to your eye!
  • purple v. white

    Each player chooses a color, and has at their disposal five different Vectoids.

  • white v. blue
  • green v. white
  • blue v. white
  • blue v. red
  • red v. purple
  • custom-built cocktail arcade cabinet

    The custom-built cocktail arcade cabinet.

  • Compact-Impact Night, Vol. 3

    Vectogram made its debut at this 3-day event at Compact-Impact, New York City.

  • cocktails + vectogram = <3

    Best thing about the cocktail arcade cabinet? Cocktails.

  • fierce competition
  • cabinet construction

    The cabinet was fabricated in the cozy lil' shop at ITP.

    I intended to use an old tube TV, but didn't realize how very low the resolution was on those things...so had to swap with an LCD flat-panel at the last minute.

  • jin-yo helps

    Jin-Yo Mok 'helps' with documentation.