tile designer

pattern designer and explainer
exhibit designer/developer – jun 2010
Tessellation is perhaps the simplest geometric concept with the broadest range of creative expression. Part of the Exploratorium's "Geometry Playground" exhibition, it allows visitors to explore tessellations by creating them.

Visitors move a single line on a touchscreen; this line is rotated and translated into three different patterns. These tessellations all respond in real-time, generating a wide range of patterns both on-screen and projected onto a nearby wall. Visitors thereby both design custom patterns and decorate the exhibition with them.
  • visitor drawing tesselations
  • Decorate the exhibition

    Tile Designer gives visitors the creative power to decorate the exhibition.

  • Simple interface

    Simply dragging a line segment creates an infinite range of patterns.

  • Three patterns

    Three patterns are created simultaneously from the same line segment.

  • Early sketches

    Early sketches explore ideas about environmental applications of visitors' designs.