silly walks generator

roll your own Silly Walk
concept, interaction designer, developer – mar 2006
A client approached me to build a promotional game for their release of a series of "Monty Python's Personal Best" DVDs. Rather than creating a traditional game, I thought it would be fun to enable users to create their own Silly Walks, based on the original Ministry of Silly Walks sketch.
  • Choose the Inquisitor, Lumberjack, Knight, or Mime

    Users can choose from four different Flying Circus backgrounds and four different characters, including the Inquisitor, Lumberjack, Knight, and Mime.

  • Keyframe your animation and tweak Speed and Silliness

    Drag limbs into position, then set a keyframe. Continue until your animation is complete. Tweak the Speed and Silliness sliders to fine-tune your animation.

  • Send Silly Walks to your friends

    Completed Silly Walks can be sent to friends via unique URLs. This site was my first attempt at user-generated content, and in retrospect, it would be much better with a public gallery and voting system. My next project focusing on user authorship, Quickcomic, made much more of an effort to build community around the content.