house of days

a visual history of the Bay
exhibit designer/developer – mar 2009
A collection of hours, one day at a time. Taken every hour on the hour, these photographs detail a long-term portrait of San Francisco Bay from individual moments to seasonal and annual patterns.
  • The House of Days, on the San Francisco Bay

    The House of Days is a reclaimed Alcatraz searchlight building, positioned on the south edge of the Golden Gate. A camera within takes photographs looking north every hour.

  • 24 hours per row, day after day

    Within the House is a display of days past recently and long ago. Each row contains 24 photographs, comprising a single day.

  • Years' worth of days

    The photographs scroll upwards and downwards, illustrating the passing of days, seasons, and years. Days grow longer and shorter, fog and rain and sun come and go.

  • Western Gull

    Every day can be viewed large, with the press of a button. Here, a Western Gull appears right on the hour.

  • Container ship

    Huge container ships come in and out of the Bay regularly.

  • Fog in the Golden Gate

    San Francisco is known for its fog; the Golden Gate can be especially thick at times.

  • Cruise ship

    A cruise ship steals into port shortly before daybreak.

  • Storm brewing

    Strong storms sometimes sweep in from the west.

  • Solstice sunset

    The sun sets far to the north this close to the summer solstice.