rippling reflections
artist/coder – mar 2010
A video mirror that projects two-dimensional media into three-dimensional space.
Elastotron exists in multiple iterations, each of which grows from an elastic motion algorithm that creates a bouncy, rippling effect that responds fluidly to viewers' movements.
  • 'Reflections', Exploratorium, 2009

    Elastotron was shown in 2009 at San Francisco's Exploratorium in the 'Reflections' exhibition, which showcased works that asked viewers to, um, reflect on the nature of their self-image.

  • Visitors exploring Elastotron

    Elastotron offers six different modes, each of which highlights different elements of reflection, from motion to depth to color.
    Viewers can also toggle a flood lamp providing contrast for their reflection, casting themselves into shadow and changing peaks into valleys.

  • Visitors play with their reflections.

  • Elastotron's six display modes.

    Elastotron's six display modes.

  • Elastotron on the Great Wall of Oaloand

    Elastotron was featured on the Great Wall of Oakland, a 10-story outdoor projection, in April 2009.

  • Elastotron works well at scale; it doesn't get much larger than 120 feet high.

  • A version of Elastrotron was shown at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2010.